Ein Sof means getting larger and larger endlessly,reaching towards infinity, whilst Ayin, at the other extreme end of the spectrum, means getting smaller and smaller toward nothingness. This simplicity of this description belies the magnificence and complexity of this amazing universal concept which, as the next few pages and will show, is reflected in many different religions and traditions, the most notable being but also shared with many different scientific concepts,such as the and expanding universe. Most fascinating is how these universal concepts crop up every where, even in simple everyday phenomena.
The reader's perseverance over the next few simple pages will enrich your understanding of the Universe.
We will consider these concepts in many different ways, starting with the diagram of a sphere in Figure 1 and triangle in Figure 2
Both these diagrams illustrate the same properties.
A circle which can be imagined to grow bigger and bigger, i.e. The sphere can be expanded more and more, without end, which represents the expansion to Ein Sof or the expanding universe
The center of the circle is a point, which by definition is a shape with NO dimension which represents Ayin, which we can call nothingness rather than nothing.
The triangle also can be imagined to be unendingly large and also starts with a point of no dimension. We will often see these two diagrams in connection with mystical writings.
It is very hard for us to have a notion of the of the universe, which continues to get bigger andd bigger, without end, Ein Sof. Our minds just cannot comprehend it. The scientists give us some idea of the size of the universe when they explain that the universe is billions of years old. It takes millions of light years for the light from the distant galaxies to reach us. Paradoxically, at the other end of the spectrum,which we call or AYIN the Buddhist sages say that this nothingness, which they call the void, has the “illumination of ten thousand suns” This will become clear as we learn how this remarable spectrum affects our meditation.
In what way is this relevant to us? It will help to illuminate what it means to say
We are made in God’s image.
We are nothing AYIN like the sands of the sea shore or like the tiny stars in the sky but at the same time we are told that the Universe Ein Sof is made for you and me.
The story below descibes a view of these two parameters
Two men are discussing God.I give you 100 pounds if you can show me where God is, says the first man.Second man says I give you 10,000 pounds if you can show me where God is not.
This site explores these two concepts in many different ways with a menu bar of different headings

The twinned concept of Ayin and Ein Sof form a between different disciplines, religions, philosophies,constituting a relationship, not only between large and small but a relationship of extreme Largeness "without end" to an extreme smallness, extending to the realm of Nothingness "Ayin"
Yin and Yang also refers to a proportion between a large and a small but usually implies a balance. As Yin diminishes so Yang increases and Vica Versa.
The Golden Proportion is also a bridge between different disciplines, religions, philosophies,It is also a relationship between a large and a small. It especially refers to a particular proportion between a large and a small that is frequently seen in the beauty of nature, but not exclusively in nature. The Golden Proportion describes a subtle aspect of beauty . See for more information.
The Fibonacci series, as immortalised by Dan Brown in his Da Vinci Code is another way of looking at the Golden Proportion. It is a precise complement to the Golden Proportion .

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